What exactly is xResolver? [+6 Alternatives]

xResolver is an online database on the internet that stores all IP addresses of gamers online. xResolver will collect the IP addresses of these gamers by studying the usernames of gamers. This X which is the name …


xResolver is an online database on the internet that stores all IP addresses of gamers online. xResolver will collect the IP addresses of these gamers by studying the usernames of gamers. This X which is the name for the database is that of Xbox. Xbox console. However, it’s compatible with various gaming consoles. This is the reason it’s sometimes referred to by the name of PlayStation resolver or Xbox resolver.

Let’s gain a better understanding of xResolver.

What exactly is xResolver?

xResolver has been described as the online service that records the Gamertags and IP addresses used by players on the Xbox, Playstation, and PC players. xResolver was designed specifically to secure the Gamertag and username from online hackers. The primary objective of the primary goal of xResolver’s is to help convert Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses.

In order to carry out these tasks, xResolver comprises an Xbox resolver, which uses robots to gather information. The data collected include the name and username of the Xbox player as well as their ISP address and IP address.

What exactly does xResolver Do?

It is accountable for the storage and management of publicly accessible information on IP addresses and their association with Gamertags. Moreover, this type of information or data is freely available. It is, therefore, technically legal to post it on a website that anyone can access.

Further, the issue can be that the one who is trying to associate your IP address with your account might not be motivated by good motives. There is a chance that the attacker is trying to find the information that belongs to the PS4, PC, or Xbox profile, as also an IP address.

xResolver allows you to access your personal information to users who are interested. Additionally, your personal data is tied to your network’s physical connection to your identity online. Once they have access to your personal information, they are possible to attack you in many ways. This includes distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

Features of xResolver

xResolver is packed with an array of fascinating features. Let’s examine the best of the features.

Identification of Geo Location

xResolver helps you identify the position of your adversary. Its IP lookup tool allows you to accomplish this. Which is among the most vital information concerning an IP address to gamers. This attribute is one of the most fascinating.

IP Logger

Through xResolver you can create customized hyperlinks. But, you can also get your IP by emailing these hyperlinks to individuals. These personalized links aid in obtaining data

Connected to location and browser. The IP logger is a tool that is related to location and. xResolver assists in detecting the Incognito mode.

It is the Gamertag Resolver and PSN usernames. Gamertag Resolver as well as PSN username

In addition, xResolver offers a comprehensive range of capabilities and features to Xbox in addition, it offers a wide range of features and capabilities for Xbox PlayStation users. Additionally, The tools offered to assist in the extracting of data related to IP addresses. To search for usernames and Gamertags, it’s not necessary to look for bots on the internet. Artificial Intelligence is integrated into it making life more simple and more convenient.

User-Friendly Interface and Functioning

The process for using xResolver is easy. It will identify what an IP is within just a few minutes. Finding a Gamertag is simple.

Blacklisting of Personal IP Addresses

Blacklisting is one of the most important options you can acquire when you purchase xResolver. This feature allows you to hide your personal information as well as your IP address from rivals. No matter what their expertise in technology is, they won’t have the ability to access your personal information at all.

Let’s look at some alternative alternatives to xResolver.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS is a cost-free PSN/Xbox resolver, as well as a Gamertag puller. It snoops and extracts IP addresses in PSN as well as Xbox games in real time. In addition, it assists you to find the Gamertag associated with your opponents’ IP addresses.

It’s a free resolver and can be installed quickly and effectively. Lanc Remastered PCPS can be used on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation as well as every other game that you love. It’s a format of an application that’s running on your PC. The database is accessible through the internet. It is among the top alternative for the XResolver.


OctoSniff is described as an IP sniffer that helps you maximize your gaming experience. Furthermore, it offers numerous amazing options, including simple installation, a wealth of tutorials, and help available 24/7. The user-friendly interface is easy to grasp how. This resolver is free of malware.

OctoSniff can help you identify packets. You can find out which IPs belong to servers that host the games and servers used in games, and which are through Xbox chats. Additionally, it is the only software that offers PS4 Username AI functionality. This feature allows you to identify the relationship between the packets and their respective owners.

Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter offers the ultimate IP Graber, an IP booter, and an IP puller to gamers who play with Xbox consoles. Xbox console.

Its IP Booter has solid layers 4, and 7, which attack to bring gamers offline. The IP puller allows you to detect and extract IP addresses within the Xbox console. The IP grabber it is equipped with lets you find IP addresses using the logger or network monitor application.

Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is a networking monitor and research tool used on every console. It lets you see the username and IP address of the players you’re playing during the game. Since it doesn’t require jailbreaking and works with Wifi or wireless connections.

Console Sniffer is simple to set up and doesn’t require cables. It is compatible with VPNs. Once you’ve purchased it you’ll be able to instantly download and begin using it. Alongside video games, they can also be used only on Windows-based PCs.

Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding provides Psycho Coding is the Xbox data-search database online that provides PCPS, LANC, and numerous other Xbox tools.

In addition, it allows you to access Xbox gamer data it also provides VPN services to seven different locations. This includes Canada, France, London, Sydney, Hillsboro, Germany, and Eygelshoven.


Cakes offer an Xbox XUID grabber that allows you to get the XUID by using the Gamertag associated with your competitor. This resolver is not able to keep anything related to XUIDs or Gamertags.

In this instance, you will only need to input only the Gamertag of the participant. Select the format you prefer from two options that comprise Hexadecimal as well as decimal. As you press”Resolve” it will come to life with the XUID that’s associated with the Gamertag.


Here are alternatives to xResolver that you are able to test. It is important to test the security level they provide with care prior to using. These tips will help you stay away from the negative aspects associated with these resolvers.

There is a possibility that you are interested in finding out how to conceal your personal IP from everyone else online.

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