Spiritfall Launches on Steam Early Access March 7th

Get ready for the ultimate roguelite + platform fighter hybrid experience as Spiritfall launches on Steam Early Access on March 7th! Developed by indie studio Gentle Giant, Spiritfall is a unique 2D action game that …

Spiritfall launches on Steam

Get ready for the ultimate roguelite + platform fighter hybrid experience as Spiritfall launches on Steam Early Access on March 7th! Developed by indie studio Gentle Giant, Spiritfall is a unique 2D action game that combines elements of roguelites and platform fighters. Players will explore a vast world filled with procedurally-generated dungeons and thrilling battles against fierce opponents. Take advantage of this exciting adventure when Spiritfall launches on Steam Early Access on March 7th!

What is Spiritfall?

Spiritfall is an action-packed, roguelite platform fighter hybrid from the indie studio Gentle Giant. It combines the best aspects of both genres to create a fast-paced and unique gaming experience. Players will battle through randomly generated levels to save their kingdom from dark forces.

Spiritfall features a robust combat system as a platform fighter with multiple characters to choose from, each with its own set of moves and special abilities. As a roguelite, Spiritfall also features randomly generated levels, enemies, and loot that change every time you play. You’ll need to use all your skills and strategies to survive the onslaught of relentless foes and the ever-changing environments they inhabit.

Spiritfall is a challenging yet rewarding experience with plenty of surprises everywhere. Get ready for an epic journey of danger, excitement, and adventure!

What can players expect from the Early Access version?

Players who join Spiritfall on Steam Early Access will experience a robust 2D Action Roguelite + Platform Fighter hybrid unlike before. The game combines elements of classic platformers with the intense combat and dynamic replayability of roguelites.

The Early Access version of Spiritfall will include all the core features of the full game, including a wide variety of characters, levels, enemies, and weapons to choose from. You can also expect to see plenty of secrets, power-ups, and special items to discover throughout your journey.

Early Access players will also access an ever-growing selection of bonus content, with new characters, levels, enemies, and weapons added every month. A special bonus mode will also be added in the coming weeks, allowing you to challenge yourself and compete for high scores online with friends.

Plus, with extensive controller support and customization options, you can tailor the game to suit your style. So come and experience the world of Spiritfall today on Steam Early Access!

What features will be added during Early Access?

Spiritfall will feature a range of new content and features throughout its Early Access period. Players can expect new levels, bosses, enemies, and weapons added over time. There will also be a range of new and unique special abilities for players to unlock and upgrade.

Other additions that will be coming to Spiritfall in Early Access include an online multiplayer mode, a brand new character class, and achievements to strive for. Players will also have access to the modding tools that Gentle Giant is developing, allowing them to create and share custom levels with their friends. Finally, regular bug fixes and optimizations will ensure the best experience for all players.

How long will Early Access last?

Spiritfall will remain in Early Access for an estimated six months. During this time, Gentle Giant will work closely with players to ensure the game reaches its full potential. During Early Access, the team will be adding new content and features, tweaking existing systems, and taking feedback from players.

They’re also planning to release regular updates throughout Early Access. This process ensures that Spiritfall is a balanced and exciting experience when it launches in full.

Players can now join the Spiritfall community on Steam and participate in the development process. Players can help ensure Spiritfall lives up to its potential by providing feedback and being part of the conversation.

About Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant is an independent game development studio based in the UK comprised of experienced industry professionals. They are passionate about creating innovative, engaging, and exciting games that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

They aim to bring joy and surprise to their players while also challenging them to think differently and explore new ways of playing.

Gentle Giant was founded in 2020 and has since released many titles, including the popular action roguelite-platform fighter hybrid Spiritfall. They continue to work on exciting projects that combine traditional gaming genres’ best elements with modern technology.

The team at Gentle Giant believes that game development should be an inclusive process and are committed to involving their players in the development process. They welcome feedback, ideas, and suggestions from their fans so that their games can truly reflect the wants and needs of their community.

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